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Originally Posted by Flipmode Master View Post
(From the article):.........The Spurs are sacrificing a ton of roster space dedicated to the position but without any solid results. They have three players lobbying for the spot, Corey Joseph, Patty Mills, and Nando De Colo. So who among these three will likely take the lead? What are their strengths and weaknesses?.........The San Antonio Spurs have a serious decision to make in training camp in a couple months, because none of their point guards seem ready for the back-up role. They all have some good strengths but way too many weaknesses to their games. Don’t be surprised if the Spurs are eventually ?
I feel the Spurs have some trades going on in the background but have to wait for Oden to make up his mind where he's going to play before they can consummate the deals. Once that happens, I believe 2 of the three (Joseph, Mills, DeColo) will be gone. Which two will probably depend on the trade scenario with the other NBA team(s). I wouldn't be surprised if either or both Bonner/Diaw might find new homes, again after Oden makes his decision.
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