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Bonner is what he is. He has one skill. He can shoot it, very well for a big. But we all know his limitations, and there are many of him. That being said, he's not a bad guy to have on a roster. Good team mate, can stretch the floor in some regular season games, good guy in the locker room. I think the question that many have brought up on here, is who would you replace him with at his value? I think that's the $4 million dollar question. I'm sure the Spurs are looking at all of those options again. Certainly have him, Diaw, and Mills come off the salary cap this year MAY give us some options. Depending on how it all works out with our summer signings. Or, again, having expiring contracts to trade is a nice asset. I don't think Bonner will ever be a contributor, on the floor, for a championship. But not a bad 11rh or 12th guy to have.
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