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Offseason Grade?

It looks like the Spurs are all done for offseason moves, I doubt they sign anyone else, they have had a history of keeping 1 vacant spot to swap out players from Austin and see how they fit in, etc.

This by far has been the most frustrating offseason for me as a Spurs fan, because I was wanting BIG things due to the fact that I believe this will be Tim Duncan's last season. I know some people might say "we were 30 seconds away from a 5th ring, so why change anything?"

Let's be realistic, if Kobe was healthy it might have changed things, if Westbrook was healthy it WOULD have changed things...

The Spurs decide to
Resign Splitter for $36 million
Resign Ginobili for $14 million
Sign Jeff Pendegraph $3.5 million
Sign Marco Belinelli $6 million
Draft another "Draft and Stasher" who we might never see

From and A+ to F- I give the Spurs a C+

I just feel the Splitter deal will kill us, we need to establish a primary 2nd string PG (I would personally like to see Mills)
We add 1 more year of aging to Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker.

There is possibility the Spurs do make a trade and change everything around, I really hope they do because if this is it, Spurs don't make it past the 2nd round.

On the SINGLE bright note, Kawhi Leonard might be the NBA's most improved player next season, I do expect big things from him!

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