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NBA Power Rankings: Stacking Up Every Team After 2013 Free-Agent Frenzy

2. San Antonio Spurs

Stability is usually a good thing in the NBA, but only if that which is stable also happens to be successful.

That's certainly the case with the San Antonio Spurs. There's no shame in winning 50-plus games and qualifying for the playoffs year after year after year, just as there's no shame in losing to the defending champions in seven games.

So rather than rock the boat, the Spurs did the smart thing: They kept the band together. Tiago Splitter and Manu Ginobili will both be back by way of reasonable deals, and while Gary Neal might soon be a wisp in San Antonio's past, he won't be missed too much so long as Marco Belinelli does his job.

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker aren't too shabby, either. Same goes for Kawhi Leonard, who should be even better in 2014 with another year of seasoning and without nagging pain in his injured left knee.

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