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I have to agree with Barkley. To go through the NBA draft, go three weeks into free agency and all the way through the summer league games without the leadership of a head coach, there’s some questionable management going on in Philly. And the idea to ‘tank’ the season for a more desirable draft position in 2014, that’s absurd. If I were Brett Brown, I’d notify the Sixers and tell them “Thanks for the consideration, but no thanks”. And to ask a guy to try to manage a team with young athletes and have them to go half speed, that's a lot of ask of a new coach coming in, trying to make a name for himself and shouldn’t be levied onto players who are fighting to maintain a career in the NBA. That's a sign of a franchise with a shaky future and with some shady, severe management problems that should be resolved and may need some focus by the league.
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