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Originally Posted by exit7 View Post
Regardless of how much he played, the quote was the spurs would never win another championship with bonner on the team. My point was, they came very close with him on the team, and he certainly wasn't the reason they lost. You can look at the roster if you'd like will, but I think you will find that he was indeed on the roster during the finals.
Well McGrady was on the roster too and I scored as many points in the playoffs as he did. He was an active player too. If you did your research or had a good memory the Spurs already won a title with Bonner technically. Bonner has a ring from 07' but what was his role on that playoff run? Just being on the roster doesn't mean that much to me or most of the others on here. That's like saying the reason the Heat won back to back titles was because Juwan Howard was on their roster. It's bull.
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