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Originally Posted by spurduncan21 View Post
Calderon is overrated and vastly overpaid. Oj mayo who departed is pretty much the same type of player as monte ellis. I don't think they're that improved tbh but nonetheless agree to disagree. Also worth noting is that Howard will be completely healthy this season unlike last year and if he would have paired with nowitzki, that would have been the most dangerous frontcourt in recent memory
My point is:
If DAL signs Howard, then they have Howard, Nowitzki and no one, and no cap room. Maybe it works out, but they'd have serious issues in ball handling. Imagine Gary Neal is your full time starting point guard. Except your starting point guard is without a proven shooting stroke. THAT'S what DAL would have.

I see your point. Fantastic front court. But when the team turns it over 35 times a game, what good does it do?

And Howard will be completely healthy when he proves that he is completely healthy. Let's not assume that he's just gonna be awesome-er than ever.
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