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2014 cap thought

So, the Spurs will basically be at the cap this year, or just a little bit over. Between Bonner, Diaw and Mills alone, they have about $10 million coming off the cap next year. What if, in all the Manu contract talks, they gave him a 2 year, $14 million contract, with the intention of amnestying him next year in a prearranged deal where he walks away. The Spurs still pay Manu the $7 million he is owed, and he gets his 'years of service' money. The Spurs get another $7 million off the cap next year due to the amnesty, in addition to the $10 million aforementioned. That gives them, just guessing, $15-17 million in cap space next year, in the year of the big free agent bonanza. Tony will also be in the final year, and have a non guaranteed contract. Maybe there is an extension with him that ends up being a longer contract, but more cap friendly in the first year. Timmy will also have a player option year, just saying. Not saying any of this will happen, other than Diaw, Bonner and Mills coming off the books, if we keep them this year. But, just another look at how the Spurs could and do keep cap flexibility.
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