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I am actually VERY Disappointed in Cory Joseph!

His improvement in running the Spurs NBA point guard is coming at a very slow motion.

Don't get me wrong, I like his defense, but I am still not sold that his improvement on Ball Handling and getting his teammates involved in moving the ball and dishing.

This is why I am a bit worried if Pop and the Front Office could not find a quality back up point guard to help TP next year.

I do LOVE that D. Thomas and according to RC Buford this guy might fill this VOID of GAP behind our HORSE Kawhi.... I hope Thomas keeps tearing it up and he will earn a spot here and play SF if he puts all his heart to it. LOVE his FOCUS and the toughness he is showing. Glad we had picked him up in the second round...He is a Scorer and is determined to WIN!!!! LOVE his attitude!!!!

Pittman looks ok but he needs a lot of work still not too shabby.

Baynes was impressive on the boards tonight with his 15 Rebounds (Highest Honor of Boards in the SL this year!!!!) . At the end of that game vs. Atla Baynes said in the interview that he needed to REBOUND and have a BETTER POSITION and I LOVED to see the BIG improvement from game 1 this summer league to game 3 win vs Atla. I thought he prob was a bit nervous the past two games?...... This is that Baynes who could HELP us!!!!

De Colo seemed to be trying so hard to impress and I did like a lot of his game vs. Atlanta much better than the previous 2 SL games. De Colo has a very high basketball IQ and I like his demeanor and approach despite his little D. Can't wait to see his Defense improve more so Pop can grant him more minutes.

Other than that I was not impressed with anyone else the last few SL games. Let's hope to see our Spurs continue their improvements so we can find out who will be the best on this SL at the end!!!

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!

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