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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
You can't do that, because if you do something like that then there's the very real possibility that you'd suddenly end up having to tailor make schedules for others. And I guarantee that if you do, then the player who loses minutes just so White can play a home game is going to be one unhappy person. You can't tell me that resentment wouldn't quickly bubble up among his teammates over his special treatment.

The reality is that he knew (or should have) that he was going to have to fly if he tried to play in the NBA; unfortunately his history shows that he feels entitled to special treatment and IMHO he just doesn't deserve it.
Playing in the NBA isn't just another job that someone with that opportunity can just walk away from and try something else. There are only 350 people on a planet of 7,000,000,000 who are NBA players so we are not talking about being a bus driver or lawyer. He has a legitimate disability and trying to find a way for him to play isn't just placating an unhappy person; it is trying to find a reasonable accommodation, which is by the way REQUIRED by federal law, and it is just smart team management. You've already committed money and roster space, if you can get 56 games out of him then you need to do it.

If White is good enough to command minutes on the floor then the player he pushes out has absolutely no right to feel "unhappy". In fact he should feel lucky that this guy has a disability which allows him to get playing time during road games which he otherwise doesn't deserve.
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