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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
I wish him the best too because White has some talent. I’ve known a few guys who have a phobia of flying, that it causes them great distress or anxiety, sometimes to the verge of panic attacks. John Madden, color commentator for NFL telecasts, has been one of the more famous individuals who suffer the fear of flying. But being a NBA player with this phobia and trying to compete with the type of schedule the NBA maintains would be a great challenge, not only to the individual himself but to the patience of his teammates, coaching staff, team management and ownership. If the Sixers and White were to take on that challenge, White had better be in tip top shape as travelling by either road or rail, day in/day out, would be both exhausting and nerve racking. And you could probably count out the back-to-back games as well. Lots of ruck dude.
A lot of people, myself included, have a problem understanding people with a fear of flying. The typical response you see is just for them to get over it and stop being selfish, but I have come to understand it is something more than that. A recently met a friend who told me that they were afraid of flying and the way she described it to me really put it in perspective. She said that the way she felt when trying to fly a plane is like taking a loaded gun, releasing the safety, putting it to her head and pulling the trigger. What really made it stick for me was that when people try to talk to her to get over he fear, she asked me how I would feel if someone tried to convince me that taking a loaded gun putting it to my head and pulling the trigger wouldn't cause me harm. She did admit that on a certain intellectual level she knows the difference between flying and shooting herself, but that doesn't make the fear any less severe.

You've got his contract. Play him home games and whatever games he can get to on the ground. Be creative. 41 home games plus 7 short travel cities x2 (Bos, NY(2), Tor, Was, Cle, Det) is 56 games. There may even be a couple of longer trips he can take.

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