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My short take:

Richards: not impressed. Large frame and focusedorr on quick jumpshots and ugly faadeaways, didn't try to mix it up in the paint from either offense or defense, slow rotation.

DeColo: a bit helterskelter, needs to work on handles, jumpshot, and shot/pass selection. Pop would have roasted him in this game.

Cory: was confident, maybe too aggressive at times, jumper looked good but want to see more of it and with more purpose, needs more ball handling practice for nba vs summer league

Thomas: did well for what was given to him, garbage shots but not bad, good aggressiveness not sure it translates to nba, no real moves just get and pop, probably get invite to camp

Baynes: disappointed, looked out of comfort zone, didn't do much offensively accept a few basic put backs if that, jumper nonexistent, some horrible offensive decisions/moves , defensively did just okay but again looked awkward.

No one else was worth mentioning...
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