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What I saw was a bunch of rookies, guided by 3 ‘vets’, all of whom had probably a few days practice together. For the majority of the game, Udoka ran with a 7 man rotation with Baynes, Joseph and DeColo playing the most minutes and 4-5 players not getting off the bench. The one guy I most wanted to see, Pittman, didn’t crack the lineup, probably because of that laceration/bandage above his left eye. But one thing was for sure, Pittman has definitely lost a lot of weight. Of the players who played the most, other than DeColo, Joseph and Baynes, I’d say that Deshaun Thomas is definitely a spot shooter and could be a steal at the 58th pick. I wonder if he’ll continue playing like that when he hits ‘the wall’. He could use some extra training on dribbling and handling the ball in a crowd. The other player I liked was Hollis Thompson who looks to be a good ‘stop and shoot’ player. All in all, rookies playing together with little practice, first game of summer league and eagerness to excel and please, it’s what I expected. It’s only the first game and the team is guaranteed to play 5 games with this league play. Oh, one last thing that tended to piss me off, why do our guards stall around the top of the key,using up 5-10 seconds of the 24 second clock before they run a play? I watched games all day Friday and the Spurs were the slowest to get their offense started. Joseph and DeColo handled the ball entirely too long and should have gotten their teammates more involved instead of their individual play. Then again, that may have been the game plan instructions they received from the bench. IMHO.
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