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I thought Baynes looked terrible all game, although he didn't get a lot of scoring opportunities in the first half. He looked especially bad at the end of the game when he got the ball taken out of his hands by a guy half his size. Richards seemed content to take shots (and miss them) on the perimeter rather than use his size in the post. Joseph did as well as expected for a player coming up on his third year in the league.

Thomas has a good stroke especially when he has an open shot. He didn't look great defensively though that could be attributed to this being a summer league game. At 6'7'' and 225 he has the body type to match up against other threes but then again he didn't look that quick on the court but then again that could be attributed to the nature of summer league games. I'd like to see if he has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble and I'd like to see him try to guard an athletic SF just to see if he can stay in front of him.
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