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Originally Posted by joyner View Post
.......I still can't help but think that if the Nets knew the roster they'd have this season, they never would've hired Kidd as their coach. You've got an all-world lineup there, you don't hand them to a rookie coach. That lineup could've lured Phil Jackson out of retirement, I bet.
Joyner, I have to agree, with a lineup and bench like this, plus the money involved with assembling this group for a title run, having a rookie coach at the helm is playing the game a little risky. However, Kidd does have Lawrence Frank as his 'right hand man' to assist but ultimately, he's the coach and answerable to management for the results. This summer league game and the team's summer league record doesn't help his start any. Bad press, if anything. --- alh1020

Coach Jason Kidd took phone call during Summer League game

It’s Summer League, things are casual.

Although, not usually “coach will take a phone call during the game” casual.
But that’s what newly minted Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd did on Thursday. He’s coaching Summer League and walked out to take a call while his team was down 17-2. To be fair, we don’t know who the call was from — an important call from a family member, a call with a Russia country code which Kidd has learned he must take. Either way, it pretty much fits with how the Nets did in Orlando (winless).

Link to article: Coach Jason Kidd took phone call during Summer League game | ProBasketballTalk
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