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Originally Posted by joyner View Post
I don't want to hear any more criticisms of the Spurs' offseason unless they're accompanied by what they should have done differently. What should the Spurs have done differently this offseason? Bring in AK? That was outside our control. What else?
Did they resolve the pg back up problem ? Or we just going to go with the d-league guy as our back up, or better yet, the leading towel waver. Maybe that third guy that lost his spot to Cory. It's all fine and dandy till the playoffs. Let's just continue to burn Tony out. Keep trusting Manu or Neal to point guard duties. Sf duties will be Diaw pending on match ups, Green and Marco. 4 point guards, and Manu still controls the offense with any of those other guys in. Leonard is young, he can handle it, but Tony is our last big chip once the others retire. I just like to see them take care of TP.
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