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Originally Posted by ALSPURS View Post
I hate to sound bitter....

But if he has a choice between Mia and SA, don't you think he would go to the Heat?

I don't know....Other the MB this offseason I have never seen and player go out of there way to come here if other really good teams in more desirable locations are offering them similar deals...

Hope I proved wrong but this is a factor for a long time with FA wanting to come here...

If I were him and I'm trying to be unbias. I would go with the Spurs for a few reasons...You get to learn under Tim Duncan...two your expectations/minutes/role won't be nearly as physically stressing on the Spurs, and last and not least Popovich is a minute managing GURU...he has really got the rest thing down to a science. If I'm an injury prone center...thats where Im going.

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