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There's really very little comparison between the two. At a glance they look similar - similar points, Splitter just a bit better in rebounding, assists, and turnovers, but Splitter's putting up comparable stats while using far less of the team's possessions. Per 36, Kaman averages 18.3 points while Splitter averages 15.1, but Kaman needs 6.2 more shots to get those points, using up 25% of the possessions while he's on the floor. Splitter gets 15.1 points while only using 18.2% of the team's possessions, turning the ball over less. Significantly better true shooting percentage, much better distributor (assists on 10% of all scores while he's on the floor), and a much better offensive player while being comparable defensively.

And on top of that, Splitter's improved two years in a row, Kaman peaked five years ago.
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