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Originally Posted by ALSPURS View Post
I think the full MLE multi year deal would have got AK47 here at this point....

There is no one out there that can give him 8-9 Million form there cap....if that does happen I will admit I was wrong...
You may end up to where that's right. But the point is offering him the mid-level on day one of free agency wouldn't have done it, and we wouldn't have been able to snag those other two players. Then Gary Neal would have had us over a barrel.

And at least at the point of negotiations broke off, AK-47 wasn't willing to accept a deal at the mid-level salary range. The reason it broke off is because Minnesota wouldn't take back the 8-9 mil in contracts it would take to get him signed. So if he had been willing to play for half that, I doubt they would have objected.
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