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Chris Kaman vs. Tiago Splitter

I am still VERY bitter about the resigning of Tiago Splitter and his $9 million a season contract. Once Dwight Howard decided to chose Houston, the Lakers signed Chris Kaman to a 1 year deal with 3.2 million. So here I am asking myself, why didn't the Spurs go after him if he can be signed for such a minimal amount?

So my question for all of you is, who would you rather have with their current contracts?

Chris Kaman (Who in my opinion is underrated, he is a legit big man who can score on the low post, and has said positive things about the Spurs and has a love for Texas) at 3.2 million or Tiago Splitter (Who choked in the finals, but does play better defense then Kaman) at $9 million?

Please don't answer if you've never seen the guy play (Kaman), I know many of you are Spurs fans, and Spurs fans only so you love anyone in a Spurs uniform, but please be realistic about Splitter, he is not that good.
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