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Originally Posted by ALSPURS View Post
I'm in I would guess some of you in SA would have a better feel for when they would be...
You'd think that wouldn't you but in reality you very rarely see stories first about the Spurs on (heck they still have a story about the Spurs being hot in pursuit of Kyle Korver and being in the lead for Oden) and their Twitter account is mostly retweets of others and forget about going to, there's one reporter (he's really good most of the time by the way) and a columnist, and they want you to pay a premium for the privilege too, and since I have no interest in any of the other SA news, it's not a fiscally sound way to spend money for me to subscribe.

If you want the latest news snippets, you have to go to - I've actually made them one of my first stops when looking for news,, hoopshype or insidehoops. Forget about espn unless you're looking for news about LA, Miami, or NY.

Oh well, such is the life of a fan of a small market team that prides itself on not sharing information.
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