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Originally Posted by pessimist View Post
The good news is that we signed Splitter to that amazing deal. A player that sat on the bench cowering during the NBA Finals. A player who because absolutely worthless when the pick and roll was taken away. A player who once he got his shot blocked . . . went to the end of the bench and cried.
After seeing the other moves in free-agency, I'm very happy with Splitter deal. It's not a bargain of course, but it's not overpaid too.

Originally Posted by joyner View Post
Remember when Parker was benched in favor of Speedy Claxton in his first NBA Finals? It's so good that we used that to judge Parker's value going forward, and his disastrous career didn't negatively impact us. Yes, Splitter's older, but the point is that you don't use 7 games from a poor match-up to evaluate a player's value.
Very right, and as addtion:

Parker was bad against New Jersey in his first finals and he were worse against Detroit in his second. He became finals MVP in his 3rd attempt.

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