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In the end, I think we are out of luck with both players. And yes, the brawl skewed Artests # of games played that year. But, that's who he is. Why shouldnt it factor in? a swlf inflicted wpund hurt his team more than an injury. Now, he probably wouldn't head into the stands again, but it doesn't change the fact he's still 2 cents short of a nickel. And Kirikenko could just do more for us across the board. How nice would it have been if we could have had AK47 guarding Bosh on the rebound/ kick out to Allen that broke all of our hearts? I have a feeling that rebound would have jas a better chance of finding his hands. The only benefit to possibly adding a Ron Ron over AK47 would be a potential shorter contract. We are sitting in great cap shape in 2015 right now.
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