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Just for clarification, Ron Ron played 7 more games last year than AK47. But, over their 13 and 10 year careers, AK47 has averaged more games played. Their career points per game are 14 for Artest vs 12.5 for AK47, but both averaged about 12.5 last year. And, AK47 has higher rebound, assist, steal, and block averages. Also, Ak47's career fg % is around 47%, vs around 41% for Artest. Kirilenko is more versatile, and a much better team mate, and can defend multiple positions. He is much bigger and longer than you think, and a year younger. Ak47 can put the ball on the floor too, where Artest is more of a spot up, post up player. Not something we need in our system right now. Probably mute either way, but I'd much rather have Kirilenko.
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