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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
Look I am not arguing that Cap'n Jack numbers were supporting playing him, rather that his PO experience was something missing for my Spurs in that Finals!!!

We can all disagree on agreeing which is fine with me. My doubts however will always be that Pop made a wrong decision in letting Cap'n Jack leave right before the PO.

Veteran like Cap'n Jack could have helped period. His stats might have said he was done but his PO experience might have kicked in at least for few minutes he could have helped even for few seconds. We WERE BEAT at .28 seconds!!!This was the PO and the FINALS. It just can't get closer than that....

Pop in my honest opinion made a big mistake by letting Jack leave. TIMING could not have been worse for the team!!!!!!!!!!

I felt bad as a fan how about that team who played with him all year long?

TEAM Chemistry and TEAM Moral was Shot Down big time by that move!!!!!IT was done also silently, you could feel that none of the players wanted to bring that up because it is Pop's decision and you never questions Pop....

TMAC was just a practice corp did absolutely nothing but cheer leading the troops. He was brought to help them in the practice etc...

Look Pop has created some doubt for some of us here.

On hopes that Pop will manage his players better in next years and help them build that TEAM Chemistry till the end!
I agree with you and Jfly on this topic but in the end it was Pop's move. Just would have been nice to face the Heat with full power.
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