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Originally Posted by tabspur View Post
Ok. Your crazy. Sorry, it was a softball I couldn't lay off
Originally Posted by Robofuzz View Post
OK - You're crazy.
Originally Posted by spurduncan21 View Post
Yeah youre a tad bit crazy haha
Ok, ok I get it. Hear me out though, besides all the craziness that he's done, the man has skills, skills I believe the team could use well. He can post it up on virtually anyone in the sf spot, he can drive or muscle his way to the hoop, he can shoot the three ball, in other words pretty much create his own shot. His strength and speed for his size can allow him to guard 2 or 3 positions, to me is what the spurs needed, he rebounds around and out muscles the big guys in the paint. The two main guys guarding lbj in the finals were Kawhi and Diaw, he's faster than Boris and stronger than Kawhi. So all those post ups lbj did in the end IMO wouldn't have been so easy for him. Imagine him and Kawhi on the floor at the same time Kawhi guarding Westbrook and MWP there to disturb Durant, I think would be awesome, his presence IMO would put us back up to top of the league on defense. I just feel that everyone lets all the crazy stuff that has happened in the past gets in the way of what the man can do on the court, and I feel that pop would lay down the law to keep him somewhat sane, just my opinion
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