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Originally Posted by joyner View Post
He wasn't a good defensive body this year -- not even close. Defensive rating of 103, 10th-best on the team. Worse than "defensive stalwarts" Manu, De Colo, Green. Tied with the All-NBA Defensive three-hundredth team of Baynes, Anderson, Joseph, and Diaw. Barely in the top 100 in the NBA in defensive rating, not even in the top 150 in the NBA in defensive win shares. This season he was an average defensive player and literally among the league's worst offensive players. Bottom 50 in offensive rating. Bottom 100 in net win shares. Bottom 100 in turnover percentage. Bottom 100 in effective FG%. Bottom 100 in true shooting percentage. 465th out of 469 players in offensive win shares!

It's tempting to get caught up in simplistic subjective assessments like "he's better body" or "he has more spunk" or "he's a playoff warrior", but those subjective assessments are worthless. Jackson was bad last year. Period.

I disagree. Neither Jackson nor McGrady were going to play, so what's better: a player that's going to whine and moan that he's not playing or a player that's positive and just grateful to be there? Attitude means something, especially for end-of-the-bench players.

Having TMAC means nothing if he has zero game left. Tim Duncan had no comment on the SJax release....I wonder why? He didn't seem pleased about it.

Subjective? The guy earned a ring and his PO performance normally goes up versus down to include stat wise according to his history. Bonner's? Also SJax would have played stretch four in theory not so much the two or three as people have implied here.
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