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Originally Posted by doom32x4 View Post
He openly admitted that he was bothering other players on the team with his actions in practice, the team reached the NBA finals. It was his. He just didn't play well this season, he thought he deserved more minutes anyways at the expense of Green, Gino, and Leonard. He may have been right about Gino in hindsight (and hindsight only, nobody rational expected what happened in the PO) only, but their minutes weren't that interchangable, but Green had the greatest Finals 3pth shooting performance ever, and Leonard should've played 48min a game if possible.
If you played basketball or sports you want to beat the other guy in practice no matter if you started or was on the bench. I did the same thing like he did when I competed. I'm not saying throwing elbows at your own guys but let them know you are not going away and if they stumble? Watch out! He never mentioned on ESPN or anywhere else that he was equal or above Kawhi that's insane for you to post that. To me you are just targeting him versus the truth. He alluded to Manu and Green not Kawhi. Yes Green was lights out but where was he in Game 6 and Game 7? Where was he in WCF the year before? MIA both times. If you watched the PO there were times Kawhi was dragging his knee down the court. He even said he needed to see if his knee was so called "right" for TEAM USA this summer. Why would he mention that on his own? Not saying he was injured in The Finals but playing 48 minutes a game is also an insane idea. Look at Steph didn't work out too well for him. Yes SJax had a bad year on and off the court but having that "old playoff warrior" in your back pocket is a great tool to have as a team. Also when the move happened, I didn't like the way it was done. Right before the team photo? Not a classy move by the FO.
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