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Originally Posted by doom32x4 View Post
How? Jackson already said he couldn't accept playing behind Green and Manu, Pop didn't need a player who could not accept his role on the bench going into the playoffs. I.guess he could have just had a pissed off Jack on his bench, but there were indications that his additude was having am influence on some players, namely Green .
Cap'n Jack would have at least add a good defensive body to bother those HEATdoom32x4. At least he had the SIZE to bother few shooters! Besides that his competitive spirit could have somehow kicked in at PO crucial moments. He has a history to bring it in PO. This guy has a lot of SPUNK in him despite getting old.

By the way an interview with Cap'n Jack just got released in the last few days revealed the uncut version on why Cap'n Jack was let go.

Here is a video of that interview.

It is a long video so if you are not patient here is a brief synopsis on what he says at the second third of that video:

Cap'n Jack said at 12:39 minutes that he wanted playing time and he wanted to prove to Pop he was healthy and ready to play more min so Jack approached practice like Gangsta--he said (talking trash...etc..) i.e he played HARD physical full force at practice and he was INTIMIDATING other players --two guys in particular..... (Cap'n Jack is a class act he did not mention who but I will let you figure out who ....) So Jack's mistake that he felt he needed to play to get better, but Pop would not play him.....Jack thought that playing more minutes could have raised his not so great stats at that time.

Pop got upset because he challenged Cap'n Jack that the reason he puts guys them in rotation ahead of him was that they were better than him. Cap'n Jack got offended by that. Pop should have realized that he could have helped this team get TOUGHER and Play BIG BOYS Game by having such practices however Pop was just playing it safe and he released Jack and brought TMAC..... Thanks to Pop and his unrealistic expectations of those young ones or mis communications with his Veteran players to cause all that then come SHORT in the PO for missing that SWAGGER/EDGE ! I thought Pop loves them Veterans!!!
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