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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
What if Marco becomes a candidate for 6th Man of the Year?
Is that good enough?

I get that Marco will likely never be better than the best of Manu. But 2005 was a LONG time ago. And if Marco can fulfill the role Manu had when he was moved to the bench, then I'm good.
If he becomes a candidate, I'm all for it. But I'm not sure he will even be our sixth man. I still think Manu maintains that roll next year, for better or worse.

I don't think it is a knock on Belinelli to say he isn't Manu Ginobili. I'd like to be wrong, believe me, nothing would give me more satisfaction than to see the Marco Belinelli signing to be the free agent acquisition for the spurs in the last 10 years. I just don't see it. With all that said, he is a good, solid player.
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