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I remember Gary was motivated by playing minutes so maybe Spurs promised him to stay for the same amount and play more minutes? Albeit Pop will find it hard to duplicate last year's 25 minutes per game in a back court that already has Tony Parker, Cory Joseph and Patty Mills at PG, and Danny Green, Manu Ginobili and Belinelli at SG????

Fox news KABB announcer at Maximum Sports said last night that Gary Neal's agent had not returned their station's call. And then the announcer said that Spurs might still be able to sign Neal Back as Gary has just not gotten hardly any offers as suggested.

Today I read online that 5 teams are interested in Neal. But we have not heard about how much was any offer. :shocked

I guess Spurs FO might just have thought if they get Neal Signed then they have some more good values to trade.............Very possible.....
Go Spurs Go!
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