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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
From the article
"He is also capable of possibly taking minutes away from Spurs’ starter Danny Green, who has proven to be a very one-dimensional player. Belinelli has better ball-handling capabilities and can drive to the basket better than Green."

This may be what Green needs to emphasize to him that he must continue to work to keep improving, if he comes back next year without having added a single new skill set to his game there's a good chance he'll find himself out of a job again.
To me this is a sign that Belinelli should come off the bench. Our age means we rely on our bench more than many teams, and with Ginobili's decline we've lacked a punch off the bench. I'd take a starting lineup of Parker, Manu, Kawhi, Tim, and Splitter, and a second unit of De Colo, Belinelli, Green, Diaw, and whatever fifth body we throw out there.

I think Manu's got to move to the starting lineup. He's got enough juice to be a solid #2 or an extremely solid #3 option on the court, but not the juice to be the #1. I think Belinelli's just barely good enough to be a serviceable #1 option off the bench.

Originally Posted by kmgospurs View Post
I thought Nando was the next Manu Ginobili. What happened to him? ;)
I think he's the "New New Manu", meaning the new person we praise as the 'new Manu' who doesn't pan out. Also known as the Meta-New Manu
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