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I have to admit I am a bit underwhelmed by the offseason. Yes, Spurs were within seconds of another championship, but with all the changes, there is no guarantee of the same team being able to get back to the Final game.

Right now, I see the FO depending on the summer for the players (ie Kawhi, Splitter, Baynes, DeColo, Cory) they currently have to get better and the old players to stay healthy (Manu, TP, TD) rather then adding any new significant talent to the fold.

I can only hope they are right in this estimation because they have some serious competition with GS, LAC and HOU who have become much stronger.

I didn't think they had to go out and get a superstar, but some upcoming talent would have been nice to at least try and get through trades or signings with their cap space/expiring pieces (ie Teague, Copeland, etc.). We will have to see on the 10th if the MLE is still available, but it looks like it was split between Bellini and Pendergraph.

Time will tell to see if Bellini and Pendergraph were the right pieces to add but for now, it's a little underwhelming that both are middle of the road at best for now. Still don't understand the interest with Morrow with Bellini in the fold where I think defense is more of a concern at the SF/PF/C positions even though I do think he could be a nice addition from a 3pt% perspective. Problem is, we have a lot of one trick poneys that aren't versatile enough.

Looking forward to summer league and hoping that a few 'get it' now and become regular contributors instead of bench warmers.
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