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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
I agree on the PG back up. Seriously!

Back up PG is so GLARING in my honest opinion.

Maybe the summer league would have any good PG?
Or maybe right before the end of this off season front office will do a S & T?

I just hope Pop would be honest enough with those two Nando and Patrick to tell them if they are good enough to handle the rock in the PO or just a regular season PG by committee type of players.

SADLY Pop has to face this PG back up issue and address it sooner or later. Otherwise Spurs repeat that pathetic horrifying last two years elimination losses right before the end of that promise land mountain.

In our title years (not including 99) we had Speedy and Beno, not to mention a more able Manu to shoulder the load when TP was either not performing (03) or just resting. There was a remarkable drop in possession quality against the Heat this season in the finals.

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