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Not gonna happen, we don't have anything they want besides Leonard or Parker. Unless they take Splitter, the numbers don't match. Not sure that they would want him unless they run pick and rolls all day with him and Harden, don't think Howard would want it. Also, I'm not sure SA does it, Splitter has become integeral in our defense and offense. Hell, the Spurs allowed only like 93 pts per 100 possessions with him and Tim on floor, with somebody else with Tim they allowed somewhere around 101 per 100 possessions. Looking at the per 36 numbers and shooting percentages, Splitter is the better player offensively, Asik is better defender by a little, and a significantly better board man. One thought though, there was nobody else on Houston to compete for boards, Splitter has one of the greatest defensive rebounders ever and Kawhi the freak.
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