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Dare I say, "The Diaw Effect"

I had a wild thought about our team next year and our small forward problem. If Diaw's chunky butt lost 20-30 pounds our small forward situation would be fixed, man I wish he would get committed to lose a few pounds. He is only 31 and he still has a few good years until he starts to really drop off, unless he comes to camp 20 lbs heavier.

Overall, I feel we our going to be just as good as last year, hopefully better, but that depends on our young players. The big three still have enough in the tank to make us contenders, but we will be pretenders if our young guys don't step up their games and guys like Diaw don't commit themselves. Kawhi will be huge, if he fades to being average then our chances will dwindle, but if he busts out of Coach Pops chains, we will be true contenders.

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