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I think this is the most underrated part of the whole Howard free agency. ESPN was doing everything in their power to pressure Howard to stay in LA. I remember watching one night where they had the headline for a Howard FA piece as "Howard Fleeing?" and then when they repeated the story it changed to "Howard Leaving?". Now the Lakers are going to pathetic for a while and it's no sure thing they will be back to decency anytime soon. They have absolutely no young talent and their only trade asset is an aging Pau Gasol and his expiring $20M contract...something they are going to want to keep on the books for next summer's FAs. Best of all, their Owner is an idiot of Isaiah Thomas proportions.

As far as summer 2014 goes, look at how Houston and Dallas made their FA pitch. Dallas gutted their roster after their championship and cleared cap room. Houston built themselves as a free agent destination by patiently acquiring draft talent and then flipping it into assets and cap space. Cleveland will look a lot like Houston and LA will look a lot like Dallas next summer. History has shown what situation attracts FAs.

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