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Jeff Pendegraph here makes sense. I remembered him in game 7 with that skirmish with Cole and getting ejected... I kina like this kid! Very Athletic and have a Great HEART!

He seems like a solid athletic Big (6 10 with 7 1 wingspan = bigger than Leonard) who has some sort of serious TOUGHNESS that is lacking from our bench. He def is a great improvement over Blair. And he can play several positions so we can see him switch to help several players so he fits several needs here!

Maybe it was our new assistant coach Boyle that had this insider info about this particular player!

We don't know yet why Spurs did not release the contract amount. I sure hope this will be not the end of the off season acquisition because....

THERE IS STILL GLARING HOLE in the Back up PG position and Spurs Front Office must find a SOLID back up for Tony so we don't end up with depending on other positions to fill in TP's. PLEASE RC and FO please look for a Back up for TP!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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