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Originally Posted by tmengd View Post
So a happy post all the way around I guess. Rockets could be very good next year if they get another good player by trading sik away like he want. Heard they are looking at Ryan Anderson
Asik may or may not be a Rocket come November. He's a real expensive backup center. other teams may want to offer up a decent power forward for a functional starting center. Defensively, Asik is right up there.

Originally Posted by joyner View Post
Smith to Detroit? I don't get that move on either side. Even if Smith is just selling himself to the highest bidder, at least give the bids until signing day to roll in.
ATL may not have wanted to play ball with a the sign and trade route. The bid he got may be the best we was going to get. Some guys want the biggest contract. Some guys want the best fit.
Maybe an extra few million over 4 years was enough?
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