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Originally Posted by ibanezsr View Post
Down on who's list? Yours? Your list isn't that impressive if you are hoping they sign Oden. The guy hasn't played forever and can never stay healthy. Why waste the money? And AK 47 is old and fragile. We have enough of that with Gino. I like the move. JP just needs a chance to play. I watched him plenty at ASU. He has good size and gives us an actual athletic Power Forward that can shoot the 3. Would rather see him play than Bonner.
I didn't know he could shoot the 3. I agree. A lot of people just look at how they played on the previous team with no PT, but Pop and RC aren't pros at scouting people for nothing. Consider we have the greatest PF ever to learn from, the best shooting coach,organization and teachers, blossoming nobodies seem to be the Spurs forte. We are all victims of wanting to get rid of one player or another, but unfortunately we're not pros. Just die hard fans that think we know what's best for our team. But it's just fun to pretend we are and post our thoughts, anger and joy. That's why we as Spurs fans are "THE BEST! "
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