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Originally Posted by steefposton View Post
apples and oranges. A PF and a combo guard. Sure they both "shoot the three" but you can't say Neal's better because he gets more minutes. Who's he backing up and who's Bonner backing up. Look, I don't like either player and I'm hoping Neal isn't resigned AND Bonner gets included in some trade and/or sign and trade, but trying to compare them based on per minute averages, minutes played or anything like this is silly.
When were Duncan and Splitter playing heavy minutes during the season? Was Blair playing? Bonner had 13 minutes per game at 3.6 million dollars. Neal was behind TP/Manu and Green and Nando had spot minutes too. Neal was injured most of last year too. I'm sorry if Bonner isn't playing how good is he? He played less during the playoffs. And it's re-signed not resigned! Yes comparing a player who plays versus comparing one who sits or plays 10 seconds in a Finals game is silly. Neal>Bonner

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