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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
Neal gets more minutes because he is actually a better player than Bonner. If Bonner was so good he would play more minutes. Bonner averaged 13 minutes in the season and much less in the playoffs. So throw out the crap stats and Neal even though he is a volume shooter is better than Bonner and only made around 850K last year and less the previous two years. Bonner at 3.5 and 3.3 million the last two years not a bargain. Bonner had a good Laker series but did squat afterwards even when he played. Rashard Lewis is crap since last decade................ and true story even went on a date with his ex-girlfriend. And I don't have 100 million dollars plus in my bank account.
Sorry, you don't get to throw out stats just because they don't support what you're saying. That's not how statistics works.
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