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Originally Posted by joyner View Post
Statistics don't lie. Cherry-picked samples do.

Neal will also make more than Bonner on his new contract.

Neal actually compares somewhat favorably with Kyle Korver, who just got a fat contract from the Hawks because of the value of the long-ball in today's NBA. Per 36, Neal outshines Korver in points, although he does shoot at a significantly lower percentage leading to a lower efficiency rating. If Korver's getting $6M/year, Neal should get $4M/year at the least.
You're right..........Stats don't lie so bring up the points per game etc. lol

Neal might make more than Bonner's contract but Bonner signed that years ago so contracts normally go up and not down.

Neal might or might not get 4 million a year but Bonner is getting 3.9 million this coming year.

To me those per 36-48 per stats are crap because they normally favor the player that plays lesser minutes. Everyone knows that.
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