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Originally Posted by joyner View Post
Headline: Spurs rumored to sign everyone in the league except Belinelli; Spurs sign Belinelli.

In fairness, for his career he's a just a slightly-above-average three-point shooter and shot a paltry 39% from the field during the playoffs (33% from three), needing 9 shots/game to get his 11.1ppg. All of that, though, suggests to me a player who was asked to do too much for his skillset and who will fit in very nicely with the Spurs where he doesn't need to control the ball.
I think you hit it on the head... He was asked to do too much. With no D Rose, a hurt Deng & a Noah with PF defenses could zoom in on Beli more. I think he will feed off TPs penetration and will be a good fit for SA.... An even better fit if it means no more Neal.
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