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Mr Jones, I have to tell you. And, yes I know. Manu's hammy was worse in the playoffs than Tony's. Tony had nothing but a tightness due to not showing up in time for game 3. Lebron guarded him in game 6 and 7, and he went deep freeze. Plain and simple. Now, I'm not on here over reacting and saying we should get rid of him. Just like most people that understand the Spurs aren't complaining about Manu. They know how important he is to the franchise. You don't think Timmy wasn't thrilled about Manu resigning? We played 7 guys basically throughout the last 2 series. And should have won the title! The Spurs are staying the course. Just like they have throughout the last 15 years. There was never, ever, anyway they were going to sign a chump like Ellis or Evans. They are about winning. Not flash. I just don't get what people on here don't see. This, so far, has been an incredible few days of the off season. Pop and RC know what they are doing. Doesn't take a genius to see the success.
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