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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
This guy was a pro overseas so this isn't his first professional team. He's been in the Spurs organization for 3 years, where you'd think they would have been working on things even if he wasn't playing. He's hit his ceiling, and you'll be wanting to trade him in 2 years.
TP was a pro overseas too and didn't develop a decent jumper until a few years ago. Being a pro overseas compared to the NBA is apples to oranges. The training programs Tiago has access to now is nite and day to what had before. Splitter spent the first two years in SA being hurt or not getting consistent minutes. Over the past year alone he has improved his free throws and his defense. All I am saying is I think he deserves some more time to improve before I cast him away. And its not like there are that many options if Spurs let Splitter walk. Jefferson sucks on defense and needs the ball in his hands to be useful which takes away from this being TPs offense. How many big name free agents want to come to SA? Spurs took the safe approach and I think Tiago will surprise some of us when he gets to play 30 mins +. And if not who cares as Spurs are rebuilding in a few years anyways and will suck for a bit anyways.
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