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Originally Posted by tabspur View Post
So, lets look at what the Spurs options are, or what they could have been. Say they would have signed an Ellis. He opted out of a $10 million contract, so you know he's looking for more. If we signed him for $11 million, we lose Tiago, our #1 center, and possibly Manu. We fill in around him with, what ? Now, we resign our guys, who know our system, and who helped us get within an inch of a title, and have about $20 million over 4 years to offer someone else. Looks pretty straight forward to me. It's not like we have the Knicks or Lakers FO spending foolishly. And, we will never pay the luxury tax. Just except that's the market we are in. In top of that, we actually have tradeable assets. Between Diaw and Bonner, we have $10 million in expiring contracts, for seviceable back ups. We have a Nando or Joeseph to throw in, if we decide to keep one over the other, because they are redundant. Plus, some Euro talent. Be patient. I don't think the Spurs are done yet. They just took care of their in house stuff first
I see Neal being signed and traded. Now what would the team use and him and say Bonner for? I think the answer is another shooter, but with better ball handling and anyone compared to NEal is a much better defender. I think they may be planning this exact scenario to get Monte Ellis at say $7M mark and use the MLE for AK-47. All bases would be covered and could throw some sort of contract out there ODEN since we are strong at the core and can ease him into the rigors of the nba again
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