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Originally Posted by montgod View Post
Nice thought, but IF.. and that's a BIG IF something like that were to happen, I would imagine it would be the other way around since Minnesota doesn't have anymore cap space after their recent signings (to point of discussing renouncing AK47) and Bucks do. I doubt they accept that though... for Ellis.

Its going to be interesting to see what Spurs do next w/all the rumors swirling of who they are interested in.
I get what you're saying. Either way I think there is interest in Neal out on the market. I hope the FO looks to sign and trade him. I would love for Ellis to come in take his PT as well as alleviating Manu and TP's duties at point. Also, I think AK-47 would sign for less in exchange for 2-3 year contract with third being team option
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