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But doesn't this leave them with ~3 mil left (I read somewhere that the cap space was $19mil for this year). Barring a sign/trade, and the sudden emergence of Oden as the next Ben Wallace (his ceiling at this point, IMO), we don't have ANY upgrades as compared to last year.

Neal is going to choke and is pretty much good for nothing other than TOs and 1 good game/playoffs.

Manu is *bless his heart* done (WTF are they doing paying him 7mil??)

CoJo might or might not add value. 50-50.

Leonard is the only player that we can bet on to improve (maybe Split, but we've seen his best this season), but with the Big 3's continued decline (we saw what happened as soon as Parker extended his hamstring), I don't see us winning another championship anytime soon.

Its a tragedy that Duncan isn't getting the support he needs while putting up performances he has no business putting up at 37/38.

Sorry for ranting.
"Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better, best."~Tim Duncan
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