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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
Looks like they will bring back the same team with Bonner not gone and Neal will probably be back again! So did they fail? . I was hoping with space they would do something but it appears they will stay the same? I hope not but Bonner will be back IMO and Neal too if they want him back! I believe they stay the same, no major facelift they said and it appears that way! Sucks in a few ways, more than some will admit.
Well. It is what it is. But The off season is not over yet! I still think our FO will find a way to pull some rabbits out of their ears!

I actually went and looked back at the interview with RC right before the draft and saw how he said: Market Value will determine if we keep Tiago. And sure enough. Market Value determined that for them....

Then we all knew Manu will be back.

I wish we don't have Bonner back but you never know if he is a trade bait or if his contract can be used to get another free agent somehow.

We need a MAJOR SCORERS now to fill in for the void we miss when TP is going to be rested more.

I am hoping Pop now will find out how he needs to mix up his offensive schemes and make Kawhi Leonard. This should open up for some new ways to be unpredictable in the game and other teams would spend more on other Spurs too.
Go Spurs Go!
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